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:O! Sora/Marluxia whut?! - Organization x Sora

User: orgxsky (posted by ex_discover)
Date: 2006-11-05 12:53
Subject: :O! Sora/Marluxia whut?!
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Music:dot hack perfect collection ♪ blackrose
:D~ Hiiii~ Longtime lurker, firsttime poster, that sort of thing. I'm Lulu and I come bearing a few Sora/Marluxia drabbles I wrote for drabbles100! :O Not sure how popular the pairing really is, but I hope you enjoy them anyway. :D

Prompt # - 3; 'Ends'
Word Count - 173

And just like that, the struggle was over; in a haze of magenta and black and other gorgeous colors inbetween, he was fading; as if evaporating, returning to the sky he so clearly arrived from.

Flower petals and thick dark haze were all that remained of him. Everything was so thick and pretty and strange and Sora just had to tear his eyes away, had to help the victimized blonde-haired angel he sought to protect. But he couldn't forget; how pretty everything -- how pretty he looked, then and now -- was; the cherry blossoms, pink and peach and red and white, dancing and floating as if to commemorate the fight the Graceful Assassin had lost, and the darkness, the prettiest part of it. The disipating, transient clouds of purples and pinks and black, so much black, all floated away.

And just like that, the dark clouds, Marluxia's essence and remains, were gone, taken by the magical atmosphere, nothing but pretty cherry blossoms left in his wake, and Sora still thought he was very lovely.

Prompt # - 11; 'Red'
Word Count - 148

Flushed cheeks, clothes discarded, little tongue -- pink, which was red but not quite-- darting out to lap at the redenned mark on tanned skin, a curious little noise passing through the pinken lips. Hands shifted, red-tipped nails dragging down the soft planes of the boy's back and he was granted another noise from the tiny one atop of him.

"Hmm~" a curious noise of his own, neat nails trailing, stroking, feeling the boy's soft sides and, fingertips wandering to pet his stomach, feel his chest, play with everything the pliant body had to offer. And the boy obliged, frame twisting, body reddening according to where his lover's lips touched, or in some cases where his lover's lips didn't touch, his kiss-bruised lips parting to let Marluxia know exactly how vibrant colors suddenly seemed, how bright the stars looked when he closed his eyes, how much he loved him.

Prompt # - 20; 'Colorless'
Word Count - 128

Girlish dreams and happy memories; white ribbons weaving around rosy-brown hair, bright blue eyes glittering with joy and wonder, a smile containing the purity and secrets only a young girl's heart could contain.

She was pink. Passion and purity melted together to create a gentle femininity only found in a young girl's heart.

Viciousness, heartlessness; unkind words and fragments of love and hatred. Feelings wanting to be expressed but being repressed. Deep inside the dark void was his girlish longing for someone else's adoration and acceptance, of wanting to be told "You're perfect as you are. You're pretty as you are". Hatred pulsed inside of him upon the realization that the heart of a lonely girl could never be found in the arms of this boy.

Marluxia was an unknown color.

Prompt # - 39; 'Taste'
Word Count - 197

He tasted of sweat, of salt, of skin, of heat, of love, of passion. Of long, warm nights, arching into a rose-scented body, of a distinctly flavored tongue lashing out eagerly to get just a small taste. Of darkness, not his own, but the darkness within him, holding him, touching him, showing him exactly how frightening darkness could truly be, but how amazing it could truly feel. Of the short little breaths he took as he came so close, and as his lover suddenly slowed down just a little, just to hear him sing and scream, all for him.

He tasted of innocence, of smiles and laughter and running down the sandy beach with not a care in the world. Of sea-salt dreams and candy-wishes, of oceanesque childhood memories he shared only with the Nobody. Of sunlit days, of summer nights, of watching meteor showers and fireworks and shooting stars, and making blissfully ignorant, nostalgic, beautiful wishes. Of dreams that would never come true but it felt so good to believe they would, of adventures yet to embarked upon, of hopes and memories yet acquired but waiting to be captured like fairies or stars.

Marluxia couldn't get enough.

Prompt # - 74; 'Dark'
Word Count - 234

He wanted to let his searing pink blade dance across his skin. That would never be enough; he craved touch, he wanted to discard everything between them; gloves, weapons, everything, and strike the boy with his own hand. He wanted to pierce his soft, unmarred flesh with his just-as-gorgeous nails; his red nail polish would blend perfectly with the blood that would flow forth as he tore the skin of the lovely china-doll boy's face, leaving pretty crimson ribbons in the most grotesque places and making him look as unpretty as he could.

He wanted put his hands on him, claw at him, feel him, make him scream and beg for mercy he knew he would never receive. He wanted to put his pink lips on the sunkissed skin, leaving painful, shameful marks that would surely jar the boy as he made his way through life and suddenly recalled the horror he would never be able to escape. He wanted to touch him, let his hands wander along the pretty skin and revel in the just as pretty noises he would make as a dreadful feeling, the spawn of hurt and humiliation, engulfed him. He wanted to scar the boy's heart so much that the lovely flicker in his entrancing blue eyes would disappear and make way for tears. He wanted him to scream and cry like the child he was.

Marluxia laughed bitterly to himself.

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like a swift kick to the back of the head: Total Roxas PWNAGE.
User: lostpanda
Date: 2006-11-06 05:28 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:Total Roxas PWNAGE.
*raises hand* Sora/Marluxia yay. d(>3<)b
Wonderful. When written right, Sora/Marluxia just works.
Much love to you.
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User: craveroftea
Date: 2006-11-12 08:56 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Squee! It's a MaruSora~! 8D

Those were...just so lovely! The first one made me grin widely, like a perverted old man. T_T Bwah.
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User: vaed
Date: 2007-06-20 06:10 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Marluxia/Sora = Sadistic smut and a well-defined Seme!Marluxia and Uke!Sora, love the last one the most :)))))))))
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